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Stay tuned for Hill Country Retreat 2023 registration details!

A time to disconnect from Busy and reconnect to Self and Source in the Hill Country of Texas

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Welcome... our Hill Country Retreat! The purpose of this getaway is to help us individually and collectively realign, recenter and recalibrate. 


We are a group of truth-seekers and through our personal journeys, we have come across remedies that have helped us ground deeper into ourselves and align with our higher purpose. And now, we wish to share our remedies with you!

From sound healing, to mandala creation and Purpose Work and much much more... Join us to reconnect with yourself, your environment, and those around you. 

What will we be doing? 

Experience a mix of formal and informal, curated experiences for self-discovery, healing, and expansion (and some good old fashioned play too!): a private sound healing session, Mandala workshop, Purpose work, yoga, swimming, Infinite Possibilities workshop, fire and cacao ceremony, journaling, sunset viewing, dancing, breathwork, and stargazing...

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Purpose Lab  & Breathwork with Ben 

Ben is a teacher, entrepreneur, coach, and healer passionate about creating spaces for conscious transformation. He designed The Purpose Lab as a program to help others get deeply in touch and aligned with an authentic sense of purpose in their own lives. With your compass set to a heartfelt purpose, you can set goals that infuse you with energy that will literally pull you out of bed in the morning, identify the limiting beliefs that stop you, and begin to truly harness the law of attraction to play in perfect synchronicity with the universe. 

Ben will lead a Purpose Lab experience as well as a powerful morning breathwork session based on the Wim Hof method.


Yoga and Kita Sound Healing with Paula

A native Argentine, Paula is a certified yoga teacher and sound healer with a special connection to Earth and her elements. Her gentle, heart-based approach to yoga and movement will invite you to come to your compassionate, authentic center and nurture the other inner work of the retreat.

In 2019, Paula was certified by Japanese healer Keichiiro Kita as a sound healer in the unique modality that utilizes the Kita Peace Machine to flood your body with healing vibrations. As a retreatant, you'll have the opportunity to book a session as part of your registration.


Hill Country Retreat Registration

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