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Expanding the Edge

A 4-week Mastermind to unlock your hidden stores of power, creativity, and purpose. Apply for the next in-person or online program below. 

Entrepreneurs, creators, and mold-breakers, where’s the edge of your next up-level?

Your “breakthrough” moment won’t come from within your current mindset or frame of reference. It won’t come from the next book or podcast, as intriguing as they may be. Leveling up is about actually EXPERIENCING and questioning your current edges.


What edges?

Your Physiological Edge:

Your “window of tolerance” caps your ability to manage stress, intensity, and stay clear under pressure.


Let’s widen it.



Your Emotional Edge:

Your capacity to stay present with difficult emotions is directly connected to your ability to build powerful, authentic relationships in life and business.

Let’s deepen it.



Your Psycho-Spiritual Edge:

Your sense of purpose and alignment with a goal beyond the self is your compass to meaningful impact and abundance.

Let’s clarify it.



Face it, these edges are scary, and that’s why most humans stay put in their current limiting realities. But you’re someone with a sense, a vision, a hunger to explore that deeper layer of human potential. There’s GOT to be more to it than this, right? Why do so many of us feel stuck in a pattern?


Expanding the Edge is for entrepreneurs, creators, and mold-breakers who are looking to tap into their next level of courage, creativity, and purpose. This program is the only one designed to coach you through your physiological, emotional, and spiritual edges with immersive mind-body experiences.


Unlike other programs that “stay in the head” and keep it conceptual, Expanding the Edge guides you through authentic mind-body experiences, then helps you integrate these new insights into your operating life. Exactly what you need to thrive at your next level. 

With tools like breathwork, cold exposure, microdosing (optional), guided meditation/visualization, somatic awareness, and purpose work, you'll tease out and expand your edges of comfort, curiosity, and embodiment. However, we're not pushing edges here out of bravado or hyper-competitiveness. Quite the opposite: this is an act of self-compassion as we find those levers that allow our natural energies to flow in a way that honors our potential. 


You'll receive a guidebook to help weave these experiences into a new narrative for yourself that is grounded in your whole body and energy system, not just surface-level wishes. CHANGE ONLY HAPPENS when a new thought/energy pattern has penetrated the subconscious mind, and Expanding the Edge is designed to create those openings for you.


Over the course of the program (2 four-hour sessions or 4 two-hour sessions) you'll be supported with asnynchronous coaching and accountability via a private coaching app channel. Your committment between sessions to establishing new habits and bringing awarenss to your edges will be key to experiencing major shifts.


During this month together, you will be guided, invited, and coached to:

  • Expand your nervous system’s window of tolerance for dealing with stress, discomfort, and novel situations and challenges.
  • Access non-ordinary states of consciousness and previously locked up stores of creativity, insight, compassion, and vision.
  • Increase your capacity for joy and adventure while nourishing a life full of authenticity and impact.



High-Level Itinerary (Subject to Change)

Session One: Your Physiological Edge
Wim Hof Method
 and Ice Bath

Session Two: Your Emotional Edge
Psychedelic Breathwork and the Letting Go Method

Session Three: Your Psycho-Spiritual Edge
Guided Meditation Journey

Session Four: Your Life's Edge
Purpose Lab Intensive - C-Type Goals and Action Plans

In-person and online cohorts are available

(payments plans OK)


In-Person Edition


Online Edition


How to Sign Up:

Submit the application below. We'll let you know if you are a good fit for the program and match you with an upcoming cohort. At that point, we'll share waivers and more details, as well as an invoice to complete registration. If you have an existing group that would like to be guided through the program, indicate that on the application.

Please indicate if you are interested in the in-person or online edition of the program on the application.

Thank you for your interest!

Expanding the Edge Application Form
How ready are you to commit to making meaningful transformations in your life?
I'm just bored and filling out random online applications.My spouse/partner/friend says I should.Want to but not sure how!Ready (I think!)I'm all in!
Which version of the program are you interested in?

Thank you! I'll review your application and confirm your status ASAP.

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