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Unlocking your path to healing and happiness.

What does it mean to tap into a deep sense of purpose for why you are alive and bring your gifts to the world "from the inside out"? How can defining your purpose and creating goals aligned with it bring you enormous energy, focus, and fulfillment, and even draw the people and situations to you that can help you fulfill it?

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pUrpose lab

Purpose work is my passion. I can think of no better way to empower others to design a life of meaning, fulfillment, and impact than to help them align deeply to the core of their own purpose, then set goals and create habits that draw out their greatest potential and joy.


After feeling and experiencing the impact of my own purpose work, I knew I had to design an experience for others that would open doors for their own work, with powerful, precise tools and guidance that, if not provided, might take them years of drifting to discover.


I’ve now refined The Purpose Lab into a high-powered 2-3 hour workshop in which I guide you, as a participant, through a unique purpose-discovery process, then help you engineer the first big, high-gravity goal aligned with it. But the whole event is informed by my experience as a certified mindfulness trainer and experienced teacher, and we unlock the realm of possibility within your own imagination with meditations, guided visualization, and the power of ceremony.


I encourage you to watch the 3-minute highlight reel below of a Purpose Lab in Beirut, Lebanon in 2021. You will feel the energy!

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about the purpose Lab

Christina Roarick

I have taken this workshop twice and each time I find new inspiration and ways to tap in to my imagination. I have found the teachings very effective and easy to instill into my daily life.

The format of this workshop allowed me to make a surprising amount of progress in a short amount of time. Ben's facilitation made the practices and information digestible and actionable without being overwhelming, and the lessons really stuck with me. 


The Purpose Lab is the perfect name for this series; it was a great opportunity to experiment with your own definition of purpose, tinker around, and find what feels right.

Ben has an authentic gift in gently guiding to the higher self, inspiring daily practice and awareness.

Kelli E., Workshop Participant

Adrienne van der Valk

  • The Purpose Lab (virtual edition)
    Sep 24, 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM CDT
    Private Zoom
    What does it mean to tap into a deep sense of purpose for why you are alive and bring your gifts to the world "from the inside out"?


Image by Johny Goerend

Purpose Lab Partners, Can you Help Me Spread the Power of Purpose?

Can you help connect me with venues, studios, or organizations in your area that will partner with me to host a Purpose Lab?

The requirements are simple:

A space that can hold at least 15 participants and an organization or business willing to spread the word to their community. The concept is to go for a win/win/win, and I’m so excited about this mission that I’ve built in revenue share opportunities for you and the venue. 

Partner Venue Responsibilities:

  • Provide space for at least 15 participants on day of workshop (screen and projector preferred)

  • Spread the word throughout their community by sharing the provided marketing collateral

  • Host registration (but I can do this as well)

Your Responsibilities:

  • Make initial contact with the partner venue

  • Help market to your network in the area

My Responsibilities:

  • Deliver an epic 2-hour, life-changing in-person workshop

  • Provide all materials and communication

  • Provide digital marketing materials customized to the event location

  • Host registration (if not done by venue)


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