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And it's your path to healing and happiness.


It doesn't matter if you consider it your cosmic destiny, or as something you thread together from an otherwise random universe. Either way, PURPOSE is a powerful elixir that brings a sense of meaning, fulfillment, and deep resilience to your life.


And PURPOSE WORK is my passion. In fact, I consider it the core of ALL meaningful work, and I can think of no better way to empower others to design a life of meaning, fulfillment, and impact than to help them align deeply to the core of their own purpose, then set goals and create habits that draw out their greatest potential and joy.


In my coaching, workshops, and teaching, I combine purpose work with mindfulness, deep mindset development, and other tools like visualization, sound healing, and breathwork to initiate an organic, authentic process of your own healing and expansion into the most embodied version of you in order to shine your gifts into the world.

How I Can Help You

I'm rooted in my "why," which is to support your conscious transformation with purpose, so my "how" and "what" are in constant evolution. But please keep scrolling to see the different ways my work can support you.

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What does it mean to tap into a deep sense of purpose for why you are alive and bring your gifts to the world "from the inside out"? How can defining your purpose and creating goals aligned with it bring you enormous energy, focus, and fulfillment, and even draw the people and situations to you that can help you fulfill it?



In this workshop, we walk through a purpose discovery process for you to articulate your current purpose, then learn how to construct goals and habits aligned with it. Finally, you'll leave with an inspired ACTION plan to begin impacting the world around you with your new sense of meaning and mission.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY about the purpose Lab

Christina Roarick

I have taken this workshop twice and each time I find new inspiration and ways to tap in to my imagination. I have found the teachings very effective and easy to instill into my daily life.

The format of this workshop allowed me to make a surprising amount of progress in a short amount of time. Ben's facilitation made the practices and information digestible and actionable without being overwhelming, and the lessons really stuck with me. 


The Purpose Lab is the perfect name for this series; it was a great opportunity to experiment with your own definition of purpose, tinker around, and find what feels right.

Ben has an authentic gift in gently guiding to the higher self, inspiring daily practice and awareness.

Kelli E., Workshop Participant

Adrienne van der Valk

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Thinking Into Results


All my programs and workshops are designed to be transformative and powerful experiences, but sometimes there is no replacement for one-on-one work with a coach or guide who can help concentrate your awareness, reveal blind spots, and provide scaffolding for your growth and expansion. I LOVE the unique opportunities of the coaching dynamic, and every client journey is a unique odyssey that we navigate together with a collection of special tools and practices.

Chatting Over Coffee

Organizational Consulting

Partner with me to bring the benefits of science-based mindfulness, breathwork, mindset transformation, and purpose to your team or organization. From one-time wellness workshops to customized long-term collaborations, I can bring an experience to your team or organization that leverages my expertise as well as the skill of a master educator with years of working with adults.

Group Lecture

Mindfulness Workshop Experiences

Kelli E., Workshop Participant

Juli G., Workshop Participant

Thank you Ben for giving us the tools to be happier! Your voice and guidance in the audios is so soothing and calm, but with the right amount of energy to keep me alert and focused. The way you transmit love and compassion thru the audios can be felt as if you were here in person. I was really looking forward to those 30 minutes of the workshop every day! Thank you for a really enjoyable experience!


It was an amazing, wonderful experience! Well explained and great guidance, and I can say that for me  what was really surprising was the accuracy of the instructions, maybe one of the best mindfulness workshops I have experienced so far. 

Ruxy P., Workshop Participant



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