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As a Proctor Gallagher Institute Consultant, I facilitate the Thinking Into Results program, a powerful goal-achievement system for quantum leaps in wealth and well-being.

In my unique Purpose Lab offerings, I help you discover, define, and align to your life purpose in order to ignite with a sense of meaning and possibility. 


In my customized one-on-one coaching progams, we co-create a powerful space for your conscious transformation that incorproates mindfulness, mindset development, healing, and purpose work, guided by deep intuition but structured with accountability and goal-setting.

Mindfulness Workshop Experiences

Juli G., Workshop Participant

Thank you Ben for giving us the tools to be happier! Your voice and guidance in the audios is so soothing and calm, but with the right amount of energy to keep me alert and focused. The way you transmit love and compassion thru the audios can be felt as if you were here in person. I was really looking forward to those 30 minutes of the workshop every day! Thank you for a really enjoyable experience!

Kelli E., Workshop Participant

Ben has an authentic gift in gently guiding to the higher self, inspiring daily practice and awareness.

Ruxy P., Workshop Participant

It was an amazing, wonderful experience! Well explained and great guidance, and I can say that for me  what was really surprising was the accuracy of the instructions, maybe one of the best mindfulness workshops I have experienced so far. 

What is IKIGAI?

Why it matters

IKIGAI is a concept from Japanese philosophy which translates roughly as "one's reason for being." It's a central idea or calling which adds deep meaning and context to your life.

Whether you see it as something innate or destined which must be uncovered, or as something you consciously determine, I believe IKIGAI is crucial to a purposeful and fulfilling life. 

It becomes your compass orientation, your center of gravity, your litmus test for decisions and the use of your energy. When your goals, actions, and habits are built around your IKIGAI, their potency and meaning is multiplied. You are more likely to experience a life of flow, abundance, synchronicity, and fulfillment.

Yet many of us are blocked from discovering it. Societal scripts play again and again the tropes of fear, self-doubt, and conformity. Old patterns of thinking and behavior need to be brought into awareness, healed, transformed, transmuted, evolved. 

My coaching, healing, and mindfulness work is designed to do just that...allow your own innate awareness to bring healing and clarity so that you can evolve toward your IKIGAI.



I am an entrepreneur, educator, coach, healer, and mindfulness expert with 20 years of meditation experience. As co-founder and CEO of an education company based in Dallas (a role I still hold), I've sought for ways to merge my role in the educational revolution with my passion for self-development, healing modalities, and practices that help one find and align with their deeper life purpose (Ikigai).

It took many years of deep work with many sidetracks and detours for me to begin to find that sweet spot I call IKIGAI. But when I did, everything changed and shifted. As it turns out, MY purpose is to facilitate experiences and hold space for OTHERS to help unlock their own innate healing and wisdom, a process which will reveal their own life purpose.

I happily and skillfully straddle the pragmatic and the esoteric and bring both to bear as tools for this individual evolution and healing process. I hold a Master's degree in Gifted Education from Southern Methodist University and have certifications in reiki, mindfulness training, Kita Sound Healing, and am currently completing certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner, an holistic approach which integrates Ayurveda, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Eastern Philosophy. As a consultant for Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI), I facilitate the Thinking Into Results program, a powerful and transformative journey based on the lifetime study and teachings of Bob Proctor (star of The Secret).


I bring an intuitive, open-hearted, and courageous approach to working with clients, whether in coaching, healing sessions, or workshops. If breakthroughs and progress were simple and automatic, they'd more often happen spontaneously while cycling through the limiting patterns that keep us stuck to the status quo. Positive evolution and transformation take courage, insight, and direction. That's where a coach and healing guide can be invaluable.

On The New Minds Podcast, I have real, inspired conversations with thinkers, authors, and passion-driven humans working in their own way to improve the world with big ideas and purposeful actions. 


How I Can Help You

For custom and special bookings, please contact me directly.