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I am a teacher, coach, entrepreneur, healer, and mindfulness expert on a mission to merge purpose work with mindfulness and other authentic practices to empower others to embody fulfilling, impactful, joyful versions of their lives.


I’m rooted in my own spiritual and self-development journey, with 25 years of meditation practice and study under my Tibetan teacher, and this is why mindfulness is the core of my coaching and training work. I’ve traveled across the world on spiritual pilgrimages and did many, many years of my own inner work before I even considered how I might empower others as a coach, teacher, and healer. But my own purpose work is what led me to an unflinching clarity as to why I’m on Planet Earth: I create transformational experiences and hold space for others to awaken their own inner powers and gifts

All About Me

As co-founder of NuMinds Enrichment, an education company based in Dallas, I've sought for ways to merge my role in the educational revolution with my passion for self-development, healing modalities, and practices that help one find and align with their deeper life purpose. As co-founder of Harmonic Hands, provider of a unique sound-healing modality from Japan, I’m evolving not only my own skills as a healer, but using my entrepreneurial vision to expand holistic, powerful modalities into the modern world.


I happily and skillfully straddle the pragmatic and the esoteric and bring both to bear as tools for the individual evolution and healing process. I hold a Master's degree in Gifted Education from Southern Methodist University and have certifications in reiki, mindfulness training, Kita Sound Healing, and am a certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP), an holistic approach which integrates Ayurveda, Functional Medicine, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Eastern Philosophy. As a consultant for Proctor Gallagher Institute (PGI), I facilitate the Thinking Into Results program, a powerful and transformative journey based on the lifetime study and teachings of Bob Proctor (star of The Secret).


I bring an intuitive, open-hearted, and courageous approach to working with clients, whether in coaching, teaching, healing sessions, or workshops. If breakthroughs and progress were simple and automatic, they'd more often happen spontaneously while cycling through the limiting patterns that keep us stuck to the status quo. Positive evolution and transformation take courage, insight, and direction. That's where a coach, teacher, and healing guide can be invaluable.

On The New Minds Podcast, I have real, inspired conversations with thinkers, authors, and passion-driven humans working in their own way to improve the world with big ideas and purposeful actions. 



Hear me on the Leadership Activators and Unleash Mondays podcasts! And read my take on "risk" in the Shoutout DFW profile below.

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