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10 Days of Mindfulness

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Mindfulness is the foundation of all great things in life. Most of us sense that being more present would raise our capacity to experience happiness, meaning, and joy, but we have a lifetime's worth of counter-conditioning urging us to race through our days, equating our value with how productive, successful, or irreplaceable we are in a material sense. The irony is that... PAUSING to anchor before we begin our day, we will be more productive. SAVORING our moment-to-moment experiences we will find success in many unexpected places. emanating a sense of peace to those around us, we will be irreplaceable beacons of calm in a troubled world. This course guides you through a variety of easy, accessible mindfulness practices framed in an encouraging, intelligent, and humorous way. Novices will find meditation approachable, fun, and rich. Experienced practitioners will find new doorways into presence hiding throughout their everyday life.

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10 Days of Mindfulness

10 Days of Mindfulness

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