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Sound Healing Session (IN PERSON)

A unique sound healing modality from Japan combined with Reiki.

  • 45 min
  • 60 US dollars
  • Lewisville or Dallas, TX

Service Description

I am a certified provider of Kita Sound Healing, a method which applies specific sound frequencies to the body for health, relaxation, and revitalization. Kita Sound Healing is a transformational therapeutic process developed by Keiichiro Kita, a Japanese engineer and healer whose in depth study of the effects of specific sound frequencies on the human body and mind led him to invent the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine. I was trained and initiated by Keiichiro Kita Himself. In concert with a trained and certified healer, who uses breathing methods and an energetic healing touch, the Kita Biosonic Peace Machine delivers specific sound vibrations throughout the body, activating the cells’ natural vitality and intelligence and promoting well-being. Sessions available at Blue Anjou Yoga and Meditation Center in Lewisville, Texas, or at our North Dallas location (Dallas Tollway and Frankford). By engaging the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, the sound healing session brings a sense of peace and relaxation to the recipient. In addition, it harmonizes the chakras and can increase one’s sense of balance, positive energy, and connection to others. To book, contact me directly, or visit Harmonic Hands ( ), a company I co-founded to focus on this powerful healing method.

Contact Details

Post Oak Point Rd, New Ulm, TX 78950, United States

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