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Nutritional Cooking


To maximize health, vitality, and performance

In an ideal world, we'd all eat a well-rounded, organic, whole-foods diet grown in rich, non-toxic soil and harvested close to home. Unfortunately, the circumstances and conditions of our lives in the 21st century make this extremely difficult. To maximize our vitality and performance as humans, we need intelligent supplemental support. As an Integrative Health Practitioner, I believe in skillfully adding specific vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to our diet that are relevant for our needs and our bodies. I use and recommend supplements for their purity, quality, and basis in functional and ayurvedic medicine.  

See links below to the most commonly needed supplements. For maximum benefit, functional medicine labs can pinpoint your specific needs and add a sense of data-driven precision to your use of supplements. Contact me for information on the labs available.

foundational supplements
(most of us need)
Extra support
(often needed temporarily/short term)
(for specific needs or goals)
functional medicine labs
(Contact me for information)
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