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September 20, 21 & 22, 9 - 10 am CT



The Purpose Lab is a 3-hour dive over the course of 3 days that guides you to think about your gifts, true desires, and life direction.


Inspired by the Japanese term Ikigai, this experiential lab will guide you through a series of prompts and visualizations where you will be led to look at your passions and goals more directly, and become clearer on the direction or purpose in your life. 

“Disaster can mean

‘to follow the wrong star, to follow the wrong gods home’ ,

meaning to follow a plan or map made by others while all along there was an inner design waiting to be discovered.”  


~ Michael Meade, The Genius Myth









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 A 3-Day Workshop to Level Up Your Goals, Vitality, and Passion for Life!

You will also get a FREE audio course on:

How to Create and Use Affirmations to

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September 20, 21 & 22
9-10 am CT

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I have taken this workshop twice and each time I find new inspiration and ways to tap in to my imagination. I have found the teachings very effective and easy to instill into my daily life.

Christina Roarick

The Purpose Lab_edited.png

The format of this workshop allowed me to make a surprising amount of progress in a short amount of time. Ben's facilitation made the practices and information digestible and actionable without being overwhelming, and the lessons really stuck with me.


The Purpose Lab is the perfect name for this series; it was a great opportunity to experiment with your own definition of purpose, tinker around, and find what feels right.

 Adrienne van der Valk, co-founder REVA Recovery Support

Lab Outline
  • What does it mean to set a goal: Are you setting goals that EXCITE you?

  • Get out of your own way: What hidden paradigms are sabotaging your passion?

  • Unpacking the Law of Attraction: How can you get more of what you want?

What does it mean to have a purpose, and do we all have one?

It may sound silly or even like a frivolous luxury to intentionally search for your purpose, or even to believe you have one. At The Purpose Lab, we KNOW you have a purpose you can use to align your life and energy.

Whether you believe we INHERENTLY have a purpose that is our destiny or not is beside the point, because you can choose to NURTURE and even CREATE a purpose for your life. 


To have a purpose means your life has a direction and path. It is the container that envelops your meaning-making and guides the decisions you make, including goal setting. Having a purpose is not a fixed point, but instead something we continuously tune into & adapt. 

Why Should I work on finding my own purpose?

The pandemic has allowed people to have more time to reflect on their life, and see through the illusion of false security. To see and viscerally feel where in their lives they were following someone else’s script.


It may seem that being employed by a corporation may offer more job security than starting something of your own, but how does your company support you in moments of crisis? Or perhaps, engaging in activities that use to make up happy no longer satisfy you.


If you are feeling lost, confused, tired of routine life, unmoored from a sense of joy or meaning... these are all symptoms of not having a purpose, not having a direction in your life that lights you up from the inside out.

"Purpose is not a goal to be set. It is not something we create. 

It is not some 'great idea' we come up with. 

It is something we discover. 

Purpose is there all the time, and is waiting for us. 

It's our duty, role in life; it's what we have been prepared to express." 


 ~ Kevin Cashman

This is a free community offering because doing purpose work has changed and improved my life dramatically, and I want to offer that opportunity to you.

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